Friday, February 27, 2009

Gabriel and His Mobile

Gabriel was enjoying his mobile in the crib this morning and I shot video of him. We are starting the transition of Gabriel to sleeping in his crib at night in his own room. During the day, I am putting him in the crib so that he gets use to it. I am trying to put him in the crib for some of his naps, but to move him while he is sleeping results in him waking up, so there has been no actual nap in the crib yet. We don't want to transition too briskly because with the sleeping arrangements the way they are, we are enjoying good spans of sleep at night. Last night, Gabriel slept 8-1/2 hours!


Ali said...

Is it strange that I'm totally craving donuts after watching that??

Sarah said...

It does sort of remind me of the Halloween game where the donuts are hung off a string and a person tries to bite into them.