Saturday, February 2, 2008

Orchid Blooms

Two of my orchids are in bloom right now. The white one seems to be blooming on the second stem, with a third stem just starting to develop buds. All right, so maybe I cheated by buying the orchids at the start of their bloom, but I can at least take credit for keeping them happy and growing for several weeks now. I haven't killed them yet.
I cleaned out and packed up my office at work on Friday. The Human Resources department is being renovated next week. We are all going to try to work creatively and from various locations around the hospital while the work is being done to our wing. I am getting new paint and a rug, but some of my co-workers are getting new office furniture too. Now that my window sill has been cleaned off, I have been thinking about taking an orchid in to my southern facing window and see how well one would grow there.

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