Sunday, February 3, 2008

Are You Ready For Some Football!?

Elleigh got up early this morning to dig through her couture and find her Patriots jersey. She's already found her spot on the chair and claimed the remote control so she will be ready to rewind the good animal commercials that air during the Super Bowl breaks. She would like for us to paint her nails red and blue later, but we will see how much time we have before the game starts. There's three beers in the fridge (left over from the summer BBQ since we drink oh so much beer in this household) and hot wings ready for the oven. Oh, and chili and tortilla chips with lots of gooey cheese. Mmmmm, Elleigh confessed to me this morning that she really only gets excited about the Super Bowl because of the food and the commercials, and of course, the guarantee of at least 2 hours of snuggle time on the couch with Daddy. She doesn't like fits of excitement though, so Daddy has to try not to holler out as it disrupts (wakes up) the dogs and gets them all worked up. This will be little Lucas' first Super Bowl, so he is not aware yet of the good time in store for him tonight. He is also not quite big enough for his own jersey. He doesn't have the chest development yet to keep a new born sized shirt on so he has to go naked for the Super Bowl.


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Sarah said...

Michael has blamed the loss of the Super Bowl for the Patriots all on Elleigh. Michael said that the Patriots lost the last time she wore her jersey too, so it must all be her fault.