Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Michael is in New York for work this week, so Elleigh, Lucas and I had to celebrate Valentine's Day without him. I got each of the kids a heart shaped Lucy's Canine Treat that I bought at Charlie's Paw Wash Plus in Concord. Lucas' was a carob & yogurt coated pumpkin spice treat and Elleigh's was a coated raspberry almond treat. They smelled so good that I almost wanted to take a bite myself. Lucy's treats are always made with human grade ingredients, so it would not have hurt me if I did eat the treat. Still, I decided to stick with leftover bridal shower cake for my special Valentine's Day treat. Elleigh and Lucas look a little less than enthusiastic in the photo because I'm actually commanding them to not touch their treats while I prepare the camera to take a photo of them. It was a very difficult task to leave those cookies alone when they were touching their paws. Lucas is also checking out Elleigh's heart to make sure hers isn't bigger than his.

At work today, Michael arranged for delivery of a rose and Valentine's Day balloons. Ahhh... he remembered his Valentine even though he wasn't home.

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