Friday, February 29, 2008

Last Day Worked

Today was my last day in the office before the wedding. I have been putting in long days/nights, especially since Presidents' day. I have been trying to clean up messes, get everything up to date, anticipate problems, leave notes, prepare those who will be trying to cover for me, but also not advertise too loudly I was leaving or everyone would be down this week trying to get in their last thing before I go... UGH! I'm exhausted. And I noticed I have been sneezing all day so I hope I'm not catching a cold just in time for the wedding. I don't have to return to work until March 19th, so I have 18 days away from work. And a lovely trip to Mexico in between there. I will turn my attention to everything wedding now for the next 8 or so days. It is exciting knowing that when I return to work, I will have new business cards with my new name, a new door sign, a new work e-mail address, and I will have to work on signing my new name for all of those letters.

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