Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Showered Again

During the hard snow storm on Friday night, I was treated to another shower by my coworkers. It was a complete surprise! I thought I was meeting Michael at Chen Yang Li Restaurant because his coworkers wanted to treat us to a dinner. Instead, it was my lovely coworkers who dared to brave the storm. They even had a Cosmo waiting for me at the head of the table. Andrea made a gorgeous chocolate cake with ganache (did I spell that right?) frosting and butter cream frosting cherry blossoms. They dressed me up in a necklace, lei, and another bridal veil. They gave us goodies for the honeymoon and a Kitchen-Aid mixer! Michael has no interest in the mixer, but he will enjoy the things I make with it for years to come. And, the mixer was exactly the obscure color I wanted... Pistachio! They really do listen to me ramble at work apparently. I've already made brownies from scratch one evening when I should have been doing wedding stuff. When we get back from Mexico, I will have to play with the mixer and learn how to adapt my recipes to this mega-mixer. Thank you! With coworkers like this, who needs work/life balance?

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Anonymous said...

I will pray very, very hard for good weather for you!! I think since we got it out of the way during the shower only the best is to come now. :)