Thursday, February 28, 2008

May the Weather Fairies Smily Upon Our Union

I just took a look at the 10 day weather forecast and I'm not impressed with the prediction of snow showers for March 7th and rain/snow showers for wedding day. So, please call upon any favor you may have with the Weather Fairies and ask for decent traveling weather for next Thursday through Monday. I want our wedding guests to have no trouble getting to our rehearsal, and wedding, and home. And we especially don't want any trouble with Michael and I making it to Boston so we can fly out at the crack of dawn on Monday morning. So, whatever your spirituality allows, please either pray, mediate, send positive energy, chant, use Jedi mind control, whatever you have to do to help us insure our wedding weekend is free of weather woes. One of my coworkers tried to tell me today that bad weather is lucky on your wedding day. I think that's rain, not freezing rain, or a blizzard, or sleet. What a winter!

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