Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I'm Truly Blessed!

I went to Nancy's beautiful home on Saturday afternoon so I could attend my bridesmaid Allison's baby shower. It turned out to be my bridal shower! Nancy's whole house was filled with my friends and family members, all there just to spoil me rotten. I felt truly blessed to have that many of the special people in my life all in one room. Check out the gorgeous chocolate cake from Frederick's that was adorned with cherry blossoms. And Shaelyn was proud to show off that not only was she wearing a dress to the shower, but she got her ears pierced too! She seems prepared to take on her junior bridesmaid duties. I don't think I have ever opened so many presents so quickly. I got many beautiful things, including a lovely hand knit that I don't think can actually post a photo of here and still have a "family" blog. I got to wear a cute little bride to be veil with flashing red lights on it. I am skimming very quickly over all the details of the shower. The roads were getting slick, and several people had traveled a long way, so they needed to get back on the road quickly.

And that was just half of the adventure! Michael had slipped a change of clothes and a pair of pajamas out of the house and to Allison on Friday. So I changed into a "going out" outfit, got to adorn a bachelorette sash and a glow in the dark "Last Night Out" button. A limo showed up in the snow storm and (after our driver got the limo out of the snow bank) Alison, Jacinda, Allison, Nancy, Sherry, and I went to Plymouth. We had dinner and drinks at
Foster's Boiler Room at the Common Man Inn. And then the limo driver slowly brought us back to Nancy's house for a girls' slumber party. We watched a few old wedding videos and laughed at how much the styles and people had changed.


Caroline said...

That cake is beautiful....how do you cut into a cake that beautiful? Although it also looks yummy. Sounds like the whole night was a lot of fun.

Lora said...

it was a fun day Sarah!!