Saturday, March 1, 2008

A Little More Effort, PLEASE!

I can tell that some of you have been working hard on my request to bring on the good weather for the wedding and the travel days surrounding it, but it seems some of you could give a little more. The extended weather forecast for the wedding day has shaped up to partly cloudy and 30 degrees and been given a fair rating by Sunday and Monday (when we are trying to get to Boston and fly out to Mexico) are both also partly cloudy days now. YES! However, the rain/snow showers have moved to Friday which is a big travel day for some of our traveling guests. like my parents. I would like you all to put a little more effort into conversing with the universe, Mother Earth, God, or the weather fairies in order to shape up Friday too. It's clear it is working some, but we have not quite nailed the whole weekend yet. I'm not a completely unreasonable bride. Please note I am not complaining that I am going to be driving around doing final errands in a light wintry mix on Tuesday and a straight out wintry mix on Wednesday. And let's not forget the additional 6 inches of snow goodies we are getting today. If I want a clear weekend, the crappy weather has to go somewhere.

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Lora said...

Honey I beg for good weather every day!! I'll beg even more for your special day!