Friday, October 5, 2007

Day Seven- Waikiki Beach

We spent our last full day in Hawaii sitting out at Waikiki beach. We went to a different part of the beach this time. The water gets deep pretty quickly, but the bottom of the ocean was much sandier. It wasn't until I got out in the water up to about my neck that I started to see bits of rock again. The waves were pretty big, but they only seemed to break much further out than we were or right on the shore. Definitely not a beach you'd have children playing at near the edge. This was the part of the beach that the surfers were hanging out. We couldn't quite talk ourselves into renting a surf board to try it out, but I did rent a beach umbrella so we wouldn't blister in the sun. When we weren't in the water, Michael read under the umbrella while I knitted, people watched and took a brief nap. When we had enough of the sandy beach, we returned to the hotel deck area and used the pool and jacuzzi.

Our last dinner in Hawaii was at The Big Kahuna, which is a Hawaiian burger/sandwich place. Our waitress ended up being from Maine, which is one of the few people we have run into here in Hawaii that knows that New Hampshire is still in the United States. Our waitress allowed gave us the update on the Red Sox game last night, but more importantly she let us know the Yankees lost.

On the walk home, we found a cafe selling bubble tea. I am really surprised we haven't seen more bubble tea since I believe it to be a Japanese drink and there are a lot of Japanese tourists. Oh, and we saw our first doggy boutique as well. Michael bought Elleigh a little collar/bandanna in a pink Hawaiian print.

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