Tuesday, October 9, 2007

One Vacation Over, Next One in the Planning

It was back to work today; it was inevitable. My vacation had to come to an end eventually, or I wouldn't continue to get pay checks. But I can report that this was the best return from vacation I have ever had while working at Concord Hospital. Brandi did a super, excellent job covering for me and taking care of the emergencies. I don't think anyone has ever worked so hard for me in my absence. Brandi is the best!

I'm so excited about how great my vacation coverage was that I can't wait to plan my next vacation. (Poor Brandi may have done too good of a job!) I purchased a travel book on Costa Rica at Borders on Sunday and Michael and I are thinking about making a visit to Central America for our honeymoon. I know two people (Alyssa and Deb) who have gone to Costa Rica previously and they are both saying they had a good time there. And the flight is only 6 hours, so it is half what it took to get to Hawaii.


Brandi said...

Okay, so I am totally violating CH's internet usage policy by writing this while I am supposed to be working but I just have to say...I ROCK!!!

Luv ya Sarah! ;)

Sarah said...

You do Rock, Brandi!