Sunday, October 28, 2007

Wedding Invitations

I ordered our wedding invitation kit from Paper Source tonight. The invitations will match the guest book we already got from Paper Source. We are going to print our own invitations using the inkjet printer, and save a bunch of money by doing so. This kit has everything we need to make gorgeous invites: envelopes, ribbon, wrappers, and all the paper needed. We won't send these out until just after the new year, but I wanted to buy them sooner than later. I had a fear that the product would be so popular it would go out of stock, or so unpopular that it would be discontinued.

Things are moving on the wedding front now, and even Michael seems to be getting into it. I think he actually perused some of the tuxedo brochures Nancy got for us.

I'm up late again to watch the Sox. Go Red Sox!!!

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