Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Red River Theatres

I drove by a new theater on Main Street in Concord tonight on my way to the Elegant Ewe for knitting guild. It is the Red River Theatres and they appeared to have had a big event going on tonight. When I got home, I found the website for this theater: Apparently tonight was the grand opening of this new theater specializing in independent films, or indie flicks as it states on the website. I will have to take a break some evening from wedding planning and find a friend to go with me to view something independent.


Angi said...

Oooo, me!!! I want to see Darjeeling Limited (I think that's the's the new Wes Anderson movie). You name the time, and I'll be there!

Denise said...

You just have to call!!

Jacinda said...

Me toooo... I would love to go see Darjeeling.... I am so happy this has come to our little main street.