Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

I had what was left of the four bags of candy that I bought last week in a small white bowl waiting for Trick or Treaters to come. I go into a panic every year that we will get more Treaters than the normal dozen or less, and then I over buy candy. Supposedly, the town of Pittsfield observes Trick or Treating from 5-7 pm this year. In my opinion, it wasn't sufficiently dark enough to Trick or Treat until 6 pm. But as of 6 pm, we still had not had any costumed children stop by. I have my buckets with Jack o' Lantern faces cut out of them all lined up by the front door with candles inside them. I am having a hard time keeping the tea lights lighted in the wind tonight, but I am putting up a good effort. And Elleigh is dressed in her Hawaiian shirt and her candy corn dog collar. Austin isn't feeling too great, but he's still sporting a Halloween bandanna.

First Treater came at 6:35 pm. A little She-Devil who actually was much more interested in Elleigh than the candy. She obviously has great taste in dogs.

At 7 pm, up pulled a 4 wheeler hauling a wagon complete with orange lights, a lighted Jack o' Lantern head, and Halloween music playing. How cool is that?! A brother and sister vampire got out of the wagon and came to the door. My brother and I just use to walk the whole neighborhood by ourselves. I guess things have changed.

At 7:45 pm, three teenage girls came. Two of the girls were dressed as french maids with thigh high fishnet stockings and tiny little skirts that bared all. I would have had to cover Michael's eyes if he went to the door. One poor thing was shivering because she had so little clothes on. The third one had a slinky dress on too, but she wore clothes underneath her costume.

And since it is now almost 8 pm, it seems safe to assume that we got the least amount of Treaters this year that I can ever remember... 6. Well, that was anticlimactic. I guess it is safe to eat the white Reese's Peanut Butter Cups now. And the Ghost Dots.

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jacinda said...

Do you think those scantily clad teen girls were looking for a "sugar daddy" - did you have any of those in your candy bowl?

I didn't even wait for the kids to stop coming before I stole some candy - quite happy to do so too!