Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy Birthday To You...

Our travel day home from Mexico was Michael's birthday. He will have to make his own comment on this blog entry if he wants everybody to know how old he is.

I cheated and gave Michael his birthday present before we left on our honeymoon last Sunday. I got myself a Garmin GPS navigation system for the car. I mean, I got Michael a Garmin system for his birthday. I wanted him to be able to play with it on the way down to Boston, and I didn't want for him to not have a gift by his actual birthday. He seemed to genuinely enjoy it and I think I really did surprise him with it.

It's a lot of fun and we both can't wait to try it out going other places. It got us to Boston and back no problem, and even detoured us around an accident on the drive back home. Michael drove to Boston and I drove home with it from Boston. It doesn't eliminate back seat driving or complaining completely though. Hopefully, this navigation device means we will never, ever have to fight over directions as a married couple.

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