Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Lost and Found

My suitcase showed up in Boston at some point and so a courier service drove it up to New Hampshire today for delivery. There was no explanation on the website or on the bag as to where the suitcase went or what happened to it. I guess I will never know, but everything seems to be there and the knitting is safe.

On a sadder note, we got the luggage back, but we lost something else. We went to pick up Elleigh and Lucas at the kennel today and the kennel seems to have lost baby Lucas. They gave us two Boston terriers back, and one is clearly Miss Elleigh May. She was very happy to see her daddy and just wanted to go home to snuggle on the couch. But the other dog is not a puppy and is about twice the size Lucas was when we dropped him off almost two weeks ago. They cunningly have trained this dog to respond to the name Lucas to try to throw us off. And both dogs seemed very happy to see us, as evident in the photo. They tried to make us think we were getting two great dogs by causing a scene and pretending they didn't want to let the little loves go home. The new Lucas seemed friendly enough, and seemed to get along well with Elleigh, so we put him in the car to take him home too. Might as well since we are set up for two dogs anyway. We are going to have to get a bigger crate for new Lucas though. He won't fit in the puppy crate. But he was pleasant enough, gave kisses, sat quietly in the car, and snuggled with Elleigh on the back seat, so I assume he will get along just fine in our household.
We had to seriously bath the dogs when we got them home. They were filthy, not like neglect filthy, but like "I had such a great time digging and rolling in the dirt" filthy. Even their collars were caked with dirt.
When we put new Lucas on the scale, he weighed 14.6 pounds. More evidence we have the wrong dog since baby Lucas weighed just under 11 pounds when we took him to be neutered in February. Miss Elleigh May is still holding at her pleasant 18.8 pounds.
Check out the March 2nd post which has a head shot of the baby Lucas and see for yourself the difference.


Anonymous said...

I've heard that you may gain weight after getting married, but I've never heard that the dog gains weight on your honeymoon!-Alyssa

Anonymous said...

What else were the babes to do but eat and play....they were missing their mum and dad! Did I mention - my centerpiece is also still alive....