Sunday, March 16, 2008

Our Last Day in Mexico

Today is our last full day in Mexico. We have had fantastic weather! Upon arrival last Monday afternoon, we heard rumor that the resort had just finished a 3 day period of rain. We had rain once, but it was after we left the pool area for the day. We had changed our clothes for dinner and went outside and realized it had just poured.

We have completely caught up on sleep, however, I am not sure how well we will do with the time change when we get home. Thankfully, Ann from Lake Opechee Inn mentioned to us on Thursday before the wedding that it was the spring ahead clock change weekend. So we sprung ahead an hour on Sunday, and then we went back 2 hours on Monday upon arriving in Cancun. Apparently, Mexico is not observing the early daylight savings time change. It may take a little bit for us to realize what time it is when we get home. I am looking forward to having it stay brighter into the evening though.

I think that we will be ready to go home tomorrow. We are rested. We have spent some quality time together. I am really starting to miss Elleigh May and Lucas. Probably my biggest complaint about our vacation would have to be the stiff bed and the limp pillows, so I will be glad to get into my own bed again.

Despite knitting most days, I Have very little to show for it. I did wind two skeins of sock yarn by hand, so that took some time. Otherwise, I don' have a lot of progress to show on my sock projects. It has been very leisurely knitting.

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Anonymous said...

So glad you both enjoyed your trip....and I don't think you are supposed to have much to show for craft and projects.... just relaxation and together time!