Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Where's My Luggage?

We made it back to New Hampshire, minus one bag of luggage. When we arrived in Newark, NJ from Cancun airport, 2 of our 3 checked bags arrived via Continental airlines. I was hoping when we got to Boston that my suitcase would just show up magically on the baggage claim belt with the other bags, but that was wishful thinking.

I'm missing my suitcase with my swimsuits, summer clothes, Keen sandals, all of the wedding thank you notes I worked on at the pool side, and worst of all- that bag had half of my knitting in it. My knitting friends are clutching their chests right now at the horror of it. I had brought enough knitting that I couldn't put it all in my carry on. And in case they gave me guff about the needles on the plane, I didn't want to lose all of my double points in one carry on bag. So I split up the load. Sadly, as of just logging on to Continental's website, there is no news yet of my missing bag.

The baggage claim representative in Boston found no notes on the missing bag as of the time we were leaving Boston, and he tried to make me feel better about it by saying that Mexico was very lax on putting notes in the computer system about missing/lost bags. He assures me that sometimes they just show up in the states. And when the bag gets back to Boston, he will arrange to have it delivered out to the house. I will check the website in the morning again and see if there is any update on the missing baggage claim website area.


Em said...

Woohoo, you're home! My orchid from the centerpiece that Lora K donated to me (thank you Lora) is still alive too. Can't wait to see you and see pictures. :) -- Em

Lora said...

ACK!!!!!!!!!!!! Welcome home but OMG the bag with your knitting!! NO NO NO!!!

Hey Em..glad that centerpiece is still alive!! Such a better life there than here...me = mrs. blackthumb, so not green!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear the luggage was found safe. This reminds me of the time my Grandmother came for a visit, and her luggage was lost on the way. My friend Jen had also come for a visit with her own suitcase, and my Gram kept saying, "that's the wrong luggage" Jen kept saying, "No, that's MY bag." Gram had no idea Jen wasn't the airport luggage lady, but we all had a good laugh after we figured out who was coming & going.-Aly

Anonymous said...

SUCK!!!! They just wanted your Keen Sandals!