Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Honeymoon is Definitely Over!

Today was crazy busy! We got home last night just after 11:30 pm. I blogged, checked e-mail and bank accounts on-line before we went to bed. We are two hours behind still from Mexico time, so trying to adjust ourselves still. As soon as we got up this morning, however, we have been running. I guess it was good practice to get us back up to pace for our return to work tomorrow. We started off by heading to the post office to collect our vacation mail, restart our mail, and to inform the postal service of my name change. We found the copy of our certified marriage license in our mail. (Thank you, Jacinda, for the fast processing of the paper work!) So, with the certified copy I was able to go to the DMV and get my name changed on my license. That was a big job done as I will need that changed before I can do any other changes, and I am not sure when I would have gotten a long enough lunch break to try and drive up to the DMV on a work day. From the DMV, we headed to Pet Agree to pick up our babies. I then opened a new simply free checking account with my new name. And then I coordinated a pick up with the courier in Concord so I could get my luggage back. And while I went grocery shopping, Michael went to the Verizon store down the road to upgrade his phone. Still craving Mexico, I made Salsa from scratch in the food processor (Thanks Deb, Gary & Maya) and we had fish crusted in tortilla chips and peppers for dinner. It was a bit disappointing though to not have the big dessert buffet after dinner with all of the tiny little dessert offerings to chose from. And nobody brought me a frozen drink today either.


Anonymous said...

Didn't anyone tell your husband - you need to be brought frozen drinks right after you get home from the Honeymoon?


Dalila said...

This is great info to know.