Saturday, March 15, 2008

Hola from Mexico

We have finally gotten the TV internet to work in our resort room so we can send an update about our honeymoon. We have a little wireless keyboard that sometimes skips letters we have typed, and the space bar hasn't worked right since it fell off the keyboard. And we can only see about 1/4 of the normal computer screen at a time as we try to scroll through web pages. And of course, spell check isn't working. Or at least I can't seem to get it to work.

We spent another day in Mexico the same as most others so far. We seem to have caught up on our sleep, getting in at least ten hours a night. We get up when we want, go to the breakfast buffet on the way to the pool, find as shady as a spot as possible so I won't completely fry, then Michael reads and I knit while sipping frozen drinks until 1 pm when we go to the lunch buffet. After lunch, we resume sipping, reading or knitting, and then will eventually get into one of the pools for swimming and water walking. It takes about 15 minutes to walk one lap around the big pool while in it. It has all sorts of nooks and a lot of people. The lap takes even longer if we stop at the swim-up bar. It's actually one of the shadiest place in the pool since the bar's roof consists of a faux cave rock with a waterfall coming down over it. (I can't wait to get some photos added to these blog entries.). By 5 pm, we head back to our room where we get ready for dinner by jumping in the hot tub on our terrace.

We have had dinner reservations at a different restaurant at the resort each night. Tonight, we are going to the seafood restaurant (La Marina) and last night we had steak at El Rancho.

Tomorrow is our last day, and I doubt our itinerary will change much, except we are going to the Japanese restaurant for dinner. And then we fly home on Monday morning, arriving in Boston late in the evening and probably not getting back to our house until the wee hours on Tuesday morning.

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Denise said...

And people made fun of me at the shower because you needed knitting supplies for the honeymoon!!! Glad you're having a great time!!